A non-fatal traffic collision takes just a moment in time,  but the real impact is often invisible and can last much longer. 

The effects on those involved, and those caring for them, can be significant.

Written from the wisdom of expereince, this
2-part guide is pracitcal, real and insightful and puts people at the centre.

  • What to do in the initial days afterwards

  • How to help body and mind heal
  • Dealing with insurance, solicitors etc 
  • Things for friends to do, say and NOT say 
  • Understand changes in your friend or loved one.
  • Suggestions for best therapeutic support
More about the author : CLAIRE WILSON

AFTER the CRASH  -  How it helps

I just wanted to say how impressed I was with your ebook. I particularly like the way it is set out; small bite sized pieces of information – absolutely vital for those who have recently expereinced trauma. I hope that one day your book will be given to everyone who presents at their GP or A&E Department after a car crash. Being given a copy of this book immediately following a collision might prevent years of unnecessary suffering.


Therapist, Coach, NLP Practitioner

Thank you for everything… you’ve been the first person to take me seriously & understand. As you suggested I went to the GP and he signed me off for a week. I burst into tears when I sat down! My partner’s told me not to cry as he thinks it’s bad for me…you get some idea of what I’m living with!! This ebook is going to help us both!! 



Thank you so much for sharing this Claire. My friend burst into tears when she read it and said ‘someone really understands what she is going through’. You are an angel.


Fire Fighter

Thanks so much for taking the time to put all this together. Fantastic advice. I’m certain it will help my friend. Especially for all the hidden and underlying issues that you couldn’t hope to be aware of. Thank again.


Youth Worker

 I wanted to say what a great book!   Not just for people involved in a road accident, but also for their family, freinds and any professionals who may be supporting them at the time. 

On a personal level, my in-laws were involved in a head-on 2 years ago. Although my brother-in-law appeared to handle the expereince without issues at the time, my sister-in-law was really struggling and was made to feel that she was being 'dramatic and over sensitive' and was told by a professional 'you're alive so stop dwelling on it and go and live your life'.

She has struggled for 2 years. This book has enabled her to talk about her expereinces and made her realise her emotions were normal as she was suffering post traumatic stress, and prossibly still is.

As a professional, I will have copies of this book to give out to families as I feel it's a great resource to have in such a stressful time. If only someone had given this to my sister-in-law 2 years ago! 


Child & Family Support Worker